Spring Bride

Coming from a self taught back ground, design work is something I’ve always felt a little intimidated to try. I haven’t got an education in fashion design, or a concept of the “rules” to fall back on. Although I am an avid follower of the work of the couture houses that by no means qualifies me to “have a bash” at it myself... or at least so I’d told myself for quite some time.

I work mostly on commission, where design work is essentially done collaboratively. My clients come to me with design ideas and I bring them to life. Whilst some ideas are very solid and exact, some are a little more fluid, but in each case I am always working to my clients specifications. I like this, I am comfortable with this, and I love nothing more than bringing someone’s idea’s to life… but this does mean that very rarely do I get the chance to show something that is entirely my own idea. On the few occasions when I do its normally to make something for myself, limited to my own figure, the event I am attending, in a limited time frame and with a very limited budget.

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Kate's Petrol Corded Corset

So I was first approached about this commission not by Kate herself but by her partner Jim. He wanted to buy her a custom corset as a gift. Fabulous! I was super keen and we were booking in first consultations within weeks.

Niki's China Corset

So this would be the second corset I’ve made for dear friend Niki, so I was felling pretty confident about getting the fit right.


One of those things that strikes at the most inconvenient of times and is often AWOL when you really need it.